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Executive Team

Bernie Nebel has been in the construction industry since 1958 and has successfully directed and completed $500 Million worth of construction projects over this span. During his 50 years in the business he has seen countless situations that call for creative, cost effective solutions. In addition to developing and overseeing approximately $80 Million worth of construction annually for a previous firm, Bernie selected and directed the bidding and solicitation to the subcontractors and suppliers while managing a staff of 35 employees. Bernie’s attributes of thoroughness and patience assure that both the project and the project team are a successful endeavor.

Joe Nebel brings an education of finance to his over 32 years in construction. Joe is naturally drawn to inspecting the smallest of details present on every project to ensure that the finished product meets his high standards and satisfaction. This meticulous attention to minutia serves to provide NCB Construction’s clients with a high level of comfort and confidence. Joe is also responsible for ensuring that all necessary resources are made available for each of the projects, including those needed to undertake the unforeseen, but often desired, client change.